Outsourcing CPAs: Frequently Asked Questions

Why do businesses resort to outsourcing accounting functions?Most businesses resort to outsourcing CPA functions of in-house accounting services for the following reasons:
Top employee resigns and key accounting jobs are neglected.
Outsourcing CPA functions lessens, if not removes, recruitment and training costs
Employee commits a serious offense against company rules and regulations like fraudulence, dishonesty or fund embezzlement, which culminates to his/her termination
To increase transaction volumes that staff are unable to accomplish on time
Acknowledgment that outsourcing CPAs can bring favorable results such as speed up management of payables as well as the collection of receivables, and upgrade the level of vendor financing among others
Immediate need for administrative or fiscal management of business processes [such as] assist projects, provisions for maternity leave, coverage for military service and illnesses, business reorganization or relocation prospectsIf there is already an in-house bookkeeper, why is there still a need for outsourcing CPA functions?Bookkeepers see to it that accounting records of pertinent monetary transactions are regularly updated. However, when companies begin outsourcing CPAs, they can improve their current cashflow and create a sturdy database for all their accounting records. In effect, the service provider assumes a proactive role in the operations of the entire process, including accounts payable or accounts receivable. What’s more, CPA outsourcing firms provide bookkeeping services that are half the rate charged by in-house bookkeepers – yet just as, if not even more, efficient.Will outsourcing CPA functions obliterate my need for a company accountant?Of course not. Company CPAs provide services that are altogether different. Sub-contractor company CPA functions involve business advisory, preparation of financial statements as well as federal and state tax returns, and compiling and submission of necessary reporting documents like those required by the bank. Financial planning, structuring and management should rest on the shoulders of in-house accountants. However, when you resort to outsourcing CPA functions to a third party service provider, you will be able to get things done on a daily basis. Outsourcing CPA work goes beyond advising and preparing financial statements or income tax returns. CPA service providers overseas see to it that core accounting functions are attended to and solidify the company’s CPA foundations. They do all the dirty accounting work, which can be time-consuming and can distract the management from attending to more pressing matters. Rest assured, outsourcing CPA functions is an answer to companies’ heavy-weight back office accounting problems and not just minor ones.Supposing I do not have costly financial and administrative procedures, should outsourcing CPAs still work for me?Cost is not the only reason businesses opt for outsourcing CPA functions. One other consideration would be to reduce the complexity of their present accounting records. They are in need of a viable CPA method that can work better for their respective companies, regardless of size and social standing. The fact is, though some business processes are not costly, they are either too complicated to help the company gain advantage or the management is not aware of its own business processes due to other pressing concerns. Rather than spending time on the process, they could utilize these spare moments in planning for and developing the business to satisfy consumer needs. Besides, financial and administrative tasks are always the priority which is why they usually do not get done well or punctually. Tasks like payroll processing need a sufficient amount of knowledge and accuracy. Thus, they are usually the first process that management identifies as compatible to outsourcing.Will I still retain control of my CPA processes if I outsource them?For certain, you will. Outsourcing CPA processes actually boosts up your business prospects and guides you properly in making decisions. You can delegate all the necessary information to us service providers by outsourcing CPA functions to offshore providers and in so doing, you increase your level of control. Take for instance if you outsource your accounts payable service. This can help your company select directly the vendors to be paid, or permit you to institute policies on the selection process. Outsourcing accounting work of this nature can prevent any unauthorized disbursements. Moreover, a weekly or biweekly system of payments to vendors may be established, but with fully equipped accommodations on receiving goods COD.If my company data is highly confidential, is it still viable to proceed with outsourcing CPA functions?Fear not when outsourcing CPA work. You can guarantee that all data are considered confidential by accounting service providers. Whether the client says so explicitly or not, offshore outsourced accounting firms treat their clients’ data with respect and value. Their computerized accounting systems, as well as necessary backup data are much secured and we store all hard data copies with utmost caution. Outsourcing CPA functions actually increases your data security, giving you the confidentiality you need.If I prefer to retain my company’s financial data on my existing accounting system, then does it dispense the need for outsourcing?Certainly not. CPA outsourcing will always be a viable alternative for your company. The only necessary condition is for your site to have a high-speed internet connection, so we can efficiently operate your accounting system at a distance. This is more practical on your part as you would be spared from unending investments on new hardware and software to back up your existing accounting system or upgrade or convert your current data. Secondly, it is also a viable alternative to allow the CPA service provider to “host” your accounting system remotely from their service site. You can relocate your hardware to where the provider company is located. The third cost-efficient option is to utilize an internet-based accounting package readily available on the World Wide Web.What if I only want to seek for counsel and advise regarding how I and my staff should run our accounting processes – not necessarily turn over the accounting?Outsourced CPA service providers are hands-on. Their primary aim is to do the work for you instead of merely advising you and your staff. Yet if you feel that consulting about rather than outsourcing CPA functions is what your company needs, we can do this for you too. However, in general, accounting service providers feel that this will only add more costs to your company. In addition, improvement and solutions for your accounting will only be limited. As they have the goal of giving you the best and affordable way to utilize your CPAs, outsourcing firms would always give the same advice: outsource and not just consult.If I outsource CPA work, will I not increase my exposure to dishonest and fraudulent acts?It is certainly true that there is a widespread case of employee dishonesty and fraud nowadays and almost every employer in the world has been a victim. However, these may be the result of weak internal control and lenient recruiting and supervision on the part of management, which instead facilitates the flow of dishonest and fraudulent acts. If you outsource your pertinent CPA functions to third party service providers, the employees they hire are on a contractual basis and each of them is commissioned to sign a “terms of employment” document, which makes dishonest and fraudulent acts subject to instant termination.Procedures are also properly documented when outsourcing CPA functions to third party service providers. These providers operate on a team-based environment in an office open enough to make any act of dishonesty and fraudulence difficult to hide.Another attractive thing about outsourcing CPA work to service providers abroad is that their processes are designed to effectively impose internal controls that aim to minimize the possibility of dishonesty and fraudulence and increase the chances of discovering them – no matter how small. There are also insurance programs that enable these CPA service providers to underwrite losses in the unfortunate occurrence of one. Although the existence of dishonesty and fraud cannot exactly be prevented from occurring, it is highly recognized that outsourcing accounting functions answers a big chunk of this workforce problem.

Lack of Research Is the Root Cause Behind Most Outsourcing Failures

With outsourcing becoming easier, more readily available and more and more common clients fail to appreciate the enormity of the outsourcing industry. Clients spend more time drafting what they want done and negotiating costs than they do on researching how to do it, when to do and with whom to outsource. Unfortunately for clients that don’t research, the outsourcing industry is truly colossal and far more intricate than one may think. Popular outsourcing destinations span cross continents, from China in the Far East to Ukraine in Eastern Europe and Ghana in West Africa.When it comes to vendors there are several outsourcing giants like Wipro, HCL and Infosys, hundreds of different SME (small to medium enterprise) outsourcing service providers and tens if not hundreds of thousands of individual remote outsourcing freelancers. What can be outsourced now also appears to have no boundaries. The outsourcing industry caters to almost everything and anything one can think of, from call centers and programming to legal, engineering and accountancy services. Furthermore, some outsourcing companies specialize only in certain sectors whilst other vendors mould to your specific outsourcing needs.Even countries have built sector specific reputations; the Philippines has made a mark in voice process call center outsourcing and India’s dominance in programming looks to go unchallenged for at least another decade or so. There is no less diversity when it comes to the mode of outsourcing. Certain outsourcing companies work on projects, other companies provide remote staffing solutions and some companies work only on long term contracts. The point is very simply this; there are many different methods and ways, permutations and combinations by which one can outsource. Whilst it is very important for clients to know what they want it is even more important for clients to know what for them is the best method of outsourcing, what they need from an outsourcing provider and what type of outsourcing vendor they require. If clients outsource not knowing this things can go wrong because success then hinges on chance and luck as opposed to facts and knowledge.The good news for clients that do their homework is that the outsourcing industry offers a wide range of different services. The benefit of this is that clients have a lot of choice and so can find a method of outsourcing that most appropriately suits their exact needs. Hence, from Microsoft to a one man band everyone can outsource and do so successfully. When clients outsource in a manner that is ideal for them it is then that companies attain very high levels of cost effectiveness and efficiency. It if from these success stories, where remarkable levels of cost reduction and productivity are achieved that the outsourcing sector has grown on the back of.The rewards of outsourcing can be significant but to achieve this clients must first know what they are doing. In conclusion, when outsourcing goes wrong more often than not it is because the method of outsourcing or outsourcing vendor was not appropriate for that client. It is not that outsourcing does not work, if it didn’t the most successful companies in the world wouldn’t be outsourcing. Rather it is a lack of research, and selecting the wrong outsourcing vendor that is the underlying cause behind the majority of outsourcing failures. If one puts the wrong fuel into a car, it is pointless placing fault with the engine when the car doesn’t start.